The Cold War and Beyond



Robert S. McNamara 

Georgy Arbatov 


Robert Gates 


Valentine Berezhkov 


Roland Timerbaev 


Dr. Zbigniew Brezinski 


Gen. Andrew Goodpaster 


Nikolai Leonoy 


Adolph K. Thiel 


Peter Bird Swiers 


Henry Kissinger 


Gen. Brent Scowcroft 


Dr. Edward Teller 


Dr. Sergei Rogov 

This comprehensive documentary feature Co-Written, Produced, Directed and co-Executive Produced by Jim Thebaut establishes an inside view of the Cold War era and the events and decisions which lead to the escalation of the arms race and the development of over 60.000 nuclear warheads and a profound stockpile of chemical and biological weapons. Through the eyes of former Soviet and US leaders the cold war story is vividly and dramatically presented and it draws to an end with a perspective of it's deadly legacy on today's fragile World.


Director / Executive Producer / Screenwriter - Jim Thebaut 

Composer (Music Score) - Pace James Music

Post Production Facility - Master Communication /

Animator - Live Wire Productions