Dirty Little Secret



Director, producer, writer -  Jim Thebaut

Narrator - Jane Seymour

Editor - Brian Denny

Post Production - Master Communication

Running time: 17 minutes


The first phase of the project has been completed and has resulted in a 17 minute documentary presentation regarding the sexual abuse of female children. This powerful film, which is narrated by actress Jane Seymour, reveals the effect on women who have experienced sexual abuse in their childhood. It presents the reality sexual abuse often results in dysfunctional or destructive behavior.

This includes eating disorders, substance abuse, codependent and abusive relationships, depression, sexual dysfunction, lack of intimacy, self destructive and high risk behavior, which will occasionally result in a tragic suicide.

It's scope will include an in-depth investigation and presentation of up to date research which has been accomplished. Furthermore, it will be comprehensive and delve into the global horrors of sex trafficking and child pornography. In addition, case studies will be revealed and interviews will be presented. Also, cooperation from the law enforcement community, governments and international human rights organization is anticipated.

The initial effort of the new phase will be fund raising. Consequently, the Chronicles Group, a non profit 501 (C) (3) Corporation will seek support in the form of grants from international non-governmental organizations

(NGO's), Institutions, Foundations, World Governments and concerned citizens.

It is estimated the initial budget for this project will be $500.000.

We look forward to your support!

Its a fact, sexual abuse is defined as forced, tricked or coerced sexual behavior against a younger person by an older one. Sexual abuse may consist of any of the following acts: Nudity, disrobing, genital exposure, observation of the child, kissing, fondling, masturbation, oral genital contact, exposure to child pornography, physical penetration and vaginal or anal intercourse.

A 1994 Federal Government study indicated that at least 20 percent of American women have been sexually abused. This statistic does not reflect those who didn't report the abuse because of shame or secrecy or those who did but there was a lack of physical evidence.


The sexual abuse of children is a profound global crisis. Consequently, the next phase of the project will be a comprehensive public information/education project regarding the world-wide sexual abuse of all children, girls and boys. The centerpiece will be the production of a documentary feature and other significant education material.